What is it all about?

Do you want your child to have a solid foundation of real world skills on which to build the life of their dreams? The teachings that the Foundation will offer is designed to bridge the gaps in mainstream education today and where it could and should be.

The primary objective of the after-school clubs is to fill the gaps that serve to promote true happiness and fulfilment…       in every arena of life! Isn’t that what every child deserves

“The work that the Foundation will do is intended to give every child a distinct advantage. Not an advantage over other people, what I’m talking about is a life advantage, to be happier, healthier, to believe in themselves fully.

To have more academic success, more friends, better relationships, to have a a deeper understanding of themselves, what drives them and how the world around them works.

In short I want every child to have a solid foundation of real world skills of which to build the life of their dreams
~David Blackhurst 

The Blackhurst Foundation is a charitable organisation with two primary objectives: to provide a way to teach real world ‘life mastery‘ skills to children through a network of after-school clubs. For further information about the Foundation’s long term goals and objectives click here.

The education system is getting better, it is growing and evolving and it is improving but until such time as it catches up to with where education could and should be, the Blackhurst Foundation provides a vital role in better equipping children to deal with the real world, as children, teenagers and adults.

“The mind of a child is a wondrous thing; free thinking, free of the restrictions and constrictions of the way adults think and feel.

Yet we have been in a downward spiral of education through coercion, repression and fear.

Together we can choose to leave this age of darkness behind us.

Move forward and step into the light that we all of us can see as children, even if we can’t quite remember it as adults.”
~David Blackhurst  

David Blackhurst


Changing the world through education.